November 30 Day 267: Already? Not Soon Enough!

It appears that the last day of November is upon. Where does the time go? Things that have been accomplished with December 1 deadlines: The big consortium NSF IUSE grant has been submitted not that I did much. The drive and innovation came from outside. I recognized the opportunity and brought people together locally. OthersContinue reading “November 30 Day 267: Already? Not Soon Enough!”

November 29 Day 266: Excitement of New Possibilities

My youngest son spent the day putting the finishing touches on his college applications. My husband and I sat here as he hit submit— and celebrated each one. Even the computer threw confetti on screen. Personally, I think he has our credit card number memorized from typing it in ten times. He has selected aContinue reading “November 29 Day 266: Excitement of New Possibilities”

November 28 Day 265: TFW You Are Being Watched

Today’s walk was one to remember. Mark and I started at Owen’s Beach and walked to the Point of Point Defiance. We saw swimmers of all varieties. It began with the human swimmers. And then we saw harbor seals. Just one or two at first. I asked Mark if those dots in the distance wereContinue reading “November 28 Day 265: TFW You Are Being Watched”

November 27 Day 264: #ILoveTheMAA

I have been making my annual MAA donation on Giving Tuesday since 2015. Each year I try to give a little more than the year before. And I always post about it in social media in hopes to encourage others to do the same. As president-elect of the organization, I’ve raised the bar on myContinue reading “November 27 Day 264: #ILoveTheMAA”

November 26 Day 263: Thanksgiving

I am thankful for… …morning walks with my husband. …a warm house full of all my boys. …a day to be together, cook, eat, and play. …talking with family from a far. …meaningful work (but none today thank you). … good friends. …the hope of a better tomorrow. (And a special thanks to my husbandContinue reading “November 26 Day 263: Thanksgiving”

November 25 Day 262: Yahoo!

I finished teaching my second Wednesday class (at 5:40 pm) and tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I feel like the weight of the world had been lifted from my shoulders. In a few minutes, we will be driving to SEATAC airport to retrieve our oldest—after surviving the COVID Autumn semester and completing final exams at St. OlafContinue reading “November 25 Day 262: Yahoo!”

November 24 Day 261: Individual Orals

Next week will be the final rung in the oral-assessment-scaffold in advance of the planned final for Calculus II. Teaching a fully remote course, I decided to continue with an oral final assessment as I did last Spring. Making this decision in advance and heeding my previous students’ recommendations, I have scaffolded building oral assessmentContinue reading “November 24 Day 261: Individual Orals”

November 23 Day 260: Not a Complete Disaster

And that is good enough for me. I introduced a new technology to our classroom; it had a few hiccups along the way. I knew it was going to be risky but we all needed a change of pace with more interaction, more freedom, and less zoom. So I held our class in Gather forContinue reading “November 23 Day 260: Not a Complete Disaster”

November 22 Day 259: Just a Little Jealous

I am just a little jealous of the men in my house. My husband, while having tons of grading to do, has a week long respite from teaching because of his University’s Thanksgiving- pandemic schedule. My youngest son’s high school is the same. So here I am working late into the night on Sunday, tryingContinue reading “November 22 Day 259: Just a Little Jealous”

November 21 Day 258: There’s a Light

The end is in sight. For some it is already here. Those clever administrators that decided to start the Autumn semester early so that their students could conclude the term before Thanksgiving are probably pretty thankful. Now it is a race to get the students home before things become worse and shut down further. MyContinue reading “November 21 Day 258: There’s a Light”