November 29 Day 266: Excitement of New Possibilities

My youngest son spent the day putting the finishing touches on his college applications. My husband and I sat here as he hit submit— and celebrated each one. Even the computer threw confetti on screen. Personally, I think he has our credit card number memorized from typing it in ten times. He has selected aContinue reading “November 29 Day 266: Excitement of New Possibilities”

June 17 Day 101: Drive By Celebration

To close out the academic year, the Math Club sponsored a “Drive-By” celebration. All math majors were invited. Faculty came out in force and made appropriate celebratory signs. Students took the opportunity to drop off loaned books, to sign the Pi Mu Epsilon roll book, to deposit money raised for the Pi Day Celebration, andContinue reading “June 17 Day 101: Drive By Celebration”

March 19 Day 11: Math Majors Class of 2020

A bittersweet virtual goodbye to the senior math majors. Our sixth and final day of capstone presentations went smoothly. The students dressed to impress and made me proud. I learned that in a Zoom conference, we can all turn our microphones on and clap to create real applause. The UWT Math community is strongly connectedContinue reading “March 19 Day 11: Math Majors Class of 2020”

March 17 Day 9: Not a rollercoaster. Black hole.

Day 9 in the Year of the Plague. It’s not a rollercoaster but a black hole sucking us toward an uncertain future. We may not be able to see beyond the event horizon, but we can help each other on this perilous journey. Each day brings new challenges. Yes, we are bringing our oldest homeContinue reading “March 17 Day 9: Not a rollercoaster. Black hole.”

March 12 Day 4: No More Black Name Tags, Please

This was my last “teaching day” of winter quarter. The senior seminar again proved to be inspirational. The students modeled how to move forward in uncertainty. They adapted what they knew to this time and place. We had Google slides, Beamer, and PowerPoint, zoomed live or streamed recordings.  I am looking forward to two moreContinue reading “March 12 Day 4: No More Black Name Tags, Please”

March 10 Day 2: Campus Ghost Town

On MAA Connect: This week we have seen many universities and colleges choose social distancing to reduce the spread of the novel corona virus COVID-19.  At the time of this writing the number has risen past 120 institutions of higher learning. This means faculty are scrambling to transition to different teaching practices very quickly.  TheContinue reading “March 10 Day 2: Campus Ghost Town”