June 17 Day 101: Drive By Celebration

To close out the academic year, the Math Club sponsored a “Drive-By” celebration. All math majors were invited. Faculty came out in force and made appropriate celebratory signs. Students took the opportunity to drop off loaned books, to sign the Pi Mu Epsilon roll book, to deposit money raised for the Pi Day Celebration, andContinue reading “June 17 Day 101: Drive By Celebration”

June 13 Day 97: Congratulations Mathematics Majors of 2020

You were just awarded your degrees virtually. It’s just not the same as sitting in the Tacoma Dome and clapping as you cross the stage. It has been my pleasure to work with you at UW Tacoma. You did an amazing job pivoting capstone presentations to virtual presentations with no warning in March and youContinue reading “June 13 Day 97: Congratulations Mathematics Majors of 2020”