March 18 Day 10: Swallowed by Black Hole

Day 10 of Math in the Time of Corona.  I was just swallowed by that black hole.  The uncertainty has been removed (2 days before the deadline) and Spring quarter will be entirely online. I quote from  President Cauce’s email: “Shortly, we will notify all students that spring quarter will begin with remote instruction onContinue reading “March 18 Day 10: Swallowed by Black Hole”

March 17 Day 9: Not a rollercoaster. Black hole.

Day 9 in the Year of the Plague. It’s not a rollercoaster but a black hole sucking us toward an uncertain future. We may not be able to see beyond the event horizon, but we can help each other on this perilous journey. Each day brings new challenges. Yes, we are bringing our oldest homeContinue reading “March 17 Day 9: Not a rollercoaster. Black hole.”