April 8 Day 761: A Virtual Friday Evening at #JMM2022

I enjoyed the Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) poster session, business meeting, and award reception this evening. I love that they created a Gather space for the event. It was an opportunity to catch up with friends and celebrate accomplishments. AWM is a mighty organization that empowered me to become a better leader. IContinue reading “April 8 Day 761: A Virtual Friday Evening at #JMM2022”

October 2 Day 573: Gather ‘Round

It is amazing to think that my first post about the virtual networking application Gather Town (gather.town), was one year and one day ago. The first space I created from scratch was for the November 2020 UW Tacoma Julia Robinson Math Festival. It replicated William Philip Hall, where the festival would have been held inContinue reading “October 2 Day 573: Gather ‘Round”

February 27 Day 356: Golden Section Confession

Did you know that the members of the MAA living in Northern California, Northern Nevada, Hawaii, and Pacific US Islands refer to their local region as the “Golden Section”? (Double entendre fully intended. ) They have a spiral in their logo that is made of golden rectangles (in blue below) containing a classic golden spiralContinue reading “February 27 Day 356: Golden Section Confession”

February 17 Day 346: The Season of Spring Meetings

The coming weekend marks the first of many MAA Section Meetings to be held this “Spring”. Both the Florida Section (February 19-20) and the Golden Section (representing Northern California, Northern Nevada, and Hawaii, February 26-27) are typically held early in the meeting season. I think, so they can boast about their beautiful and temperate weather.Continue reading “February 17 Day 346: The Season of Spring Meetings”

December 22 Day 289: Recreate to Celebrate

What a fun social “hour” hosted by the MAA Special Interest Group for Recreational Math (SIGMAA REC). I was there for more than three hours–chatting, playing, and meeting friends. I had an intimate conversation with a dear old friend, just the two of us. I had different small group conversations about math clubs, covid, andContinue reading “December 22 Day 289: Recreate to Celebrate”

December 20 Day 287: Holiday Gathering

In this time when we are suppose to limit our exposure to others, indoor gatherings of friends and family are frowned upon. How is a girl supposed to celebrate the holidays with the family she loves? Especially when they are over 2500 miles away? My husband will groan, but I am suggesting gather.town. They haveContinue reading “December 20 Day 287: Holiday Gathering”

November 23 Day 260: Not a Complete Disaster

And that is good enough for me. I introduced a new technology to our classroom; it had a few hiccups along the way. I knew it was going to be risky but we all needed a change of pace with more interaction, more freedom, and less zoom. So I held our class in Gather forContinue reading “November 23 Day 260: Not a Complete Disaster”

November 14 Day 251: Being Festive

We played. We explored. We laughed. And at the end of it all, we lined up on the stage for the “festival photograph” you see above. Today’s Julia Robinson Math Festival (JRMF) at the University of Washington Tacoma was a great success. Postponed from spring 2020, public health considerations did not allow for an in-personContinue reading “November 14 Day 251: Being Festive”

November 5 Day 242: Just What I Needed

Somedays make everything seem worthwhile. I was fortunate that today was one of those days. I had the opportunity to think mathematical thoughts, to connect with former students, to do good work with good people, and to be recognized for my efforts. My 7 am PST Zoom meeting went off without a hitch because IContinue reading “November 5 Day 242: Just What I Needed”