October 2 Day 573: Gather ‘Round

It is amazing to think that my first post about the virtual networking application Gather Town (gather.town), was one year and one day ago. The first space I created from scratch was for the November 2020 UW Tacoma Julia Robinson Math Festival. It replicated William Philip Hall, where the festival would have been held inContinue reading “October 2 Day 573: Gather ‘Round”

October 1 Day 572: Coincidence?

I attended two mathematically themed events today, the National Association of Mathematician’s MATHFest (Day 1) and the gallery opening reception of the Seattle Universal Math Museum art exhibit “For the LOVE of MATH!” Both were joyous occasions. I drove north to Mercer island in the early evening to celebrate the mathematically inspired (and often mathematicallyContinue reading “October 1 Day 572: Coincidence?”