June 25 Day 839: A Moment of Zen

We arrived in Dublin and are staying at an airport hotel in advance of our rebooked flight tomorrow. I was exhausted from the extra late night, so we took it easy in favor of being rested and ready for our Netherlands adventure. Let me share the time lapse of the airport through the hotel window.Continue reading “June 25 Day 839: A Moment of Zen”

March 19 Day 376: The End of Winter

I know it’s a few days until the equinox and the official start to the Spring, but I feel like tonight I am putting Winter (or at the very least winter quarter) to bed. Yesterday I administered the final oral interviews for Abstract Algebra. After struggling through teaching for three remote quarters (Spring 2020, AutumnContinue reading “March 19 Day 376: The End of Winter”

March 4 Day 361: Crashing

The end of Winter Quarter is in sight. This week’s classes are done (except for the grading) and next week’s classes will be one day of collaborative work, followed by a final day of presentations. Then its another week until the final (yes, it will be oral—you should have guessed that by now.) For theContinue reading “March 4 Day 361: Crashing”

February 12 Day 341: Friday Melt

I was hoping for snow last night. Not because I was wishing for a snow day —our new found technical competence will make that unlikely unless the internet is down—but because there is something magical about a pristine sound-dulling blanket of snow. Unfortunately the flakes were small and the accumulation in Tacoma was minimal. ItContinue reading “February 12 Day 341: Friday Melt”

November 13 Day 250: Quintessential Remote Learning Question

My late night habits are catching up with me. In this afternoon’s faculty meeting, I dutifully zoomed in; I listened to the initial updates. I knew I was tired—so much so that I did not turn on the camera. My “resting zoom face” looks like a scowl and I didn’t want speakers to think itContinue reading “November 13 Day 250: Quintessential Remote Learning Question”

April 21 Day 44: Conjectured Cause for this Pause

It’s been seven days since any post appeared in MAA’s Online Teaching and Distance Learning Forum.  I conjecture a few reasons for the decline. The urgency has abated. All the decisions that needed to be made about “how” to transition to emergency remote teaching have been made. New information only makes us doubt our choices.Continue reading “April 21 Day 44: Conjectured Cause for this Pause”

April 4 Days 26-27: I Believe in Academic Freedom

I hear a lot of certainty about the “right way” to approach online teaching in this crisis. That makes me nervous. Opinions are being presented as fact. What if I chose to do something differently—either because it works well for my style or I see it fills a need for my students? Will I be judged poorly because I was not following recommended guidelines?

April 2 Day 25: Novel Zooming

Finished the first week of Zoom classes for the Spring quarter and I am exhausted. There were some challenges to be sure but for the most part, I am pleased with the students and our “soft start” to the quarter. I’m excited to share my novel use of an iPad in a Zoom meeting (atContinue reading “April 2 Day 25: Novel Zooming”