June 10 Day 94: Finals. Part I.

I spent 5 straight hours sitting in the home office without stirring. Three hours were spent administering back-to-back oral exams —two questions, twenty minutes, and no time to spare. Two more hours were spent on a more traditional remotely administered final exam in my mastery based precalculus class. This is my first time using anContinue reading “June 10 Day 94: Finals. Part I.”

March 11 Day 3: Bitter Sweet End

Reflections on day three teaching but not in face-to-face classes: last day of Calculus 2 for the quarter. More students participated than Monday but still less than half the number of registered students. I wonder if they are OK.  It was bitter sweet. I really enjoyed this class and regret not being able to sayContinue reading “March 11 Day 3: Bitter Sweet End”