March 2 Day 724: Gentle Nudges

Sometimes it feels like nagging. Working on a tight deadline but reliant on the input of others. I don’t want my deadline pressures to create stress on anyone else. So what’s a girl to do? Occasional gentle reminders that become more frequent as the deadline fast approaches. Imagine my chagrin, when I received a nudgeContinue reading “March 2 Day 724: Gentle Nudges”

December 10 Day 642: Daydream Believers

We can dream up idealized solutions to a problem. Others can agree it’s a good solution and want to implement. But please don’t present your daydreams as real solutions until you have confirmed with all parties involved and understand the limitations. Just saying. Cover image created using one of my own photos and

March 22 Day 379: Seeking Motivation

Winter grades are submitted. It is officially Spring Break, which will be followed by a one quarter sabbatical. I know I need to: Think Write Workout Draw Taxes Perform deferred maintenance (the dripping kitchen faucet is driving me crazy and we have a sizable number of burned out light bulbs.) Plus continue the myriad ofContinue reading “March 22 Day 379: Seeking Motivation”

April 11 Day 34: A Duchenne Smile

Weekend Edition. This morning I made a foray to Trader Joe’s in my new Corona mask. They were letting about 30 people into the store at a time. I think more of us were waiting outside at socially respectable distances than were actually inside shopping. There we were, venturing out and craving human contact…but everyoneContinue reading “April 11 Day 34: A Duchenne Smile”