December 22 Day 654: Not Again

Omicron, COVID’s pawn, stops us cold. can’t be controlled. spreads like fire. I am so tired of not knowing when it’s going to end. Boosters, masks, health forecasts, protocols try to forestall COVID’s spread. Stay home instead. Those plans you made are now delayed again, my friend. Yesterday, I learned that the University of WashingtonContinue reading “December 22 Day 654: Not Again”

February 10 Day 339: All the Feels

Our oldest son returned to college today after coming home at Thanksgiving. It was lovely to have the family together for 2.5 months during the COVID resurgence. He is a fine young man—kind, caring, responsible— and I know everything will be OK. Understandably, a young man does not want to be experiencing college from hisContinue reading “February 10 Day 339: All the Feels”

December 12 Day 279: On Being a Good Host

When was the last time you slept in your guest bed? I must admit, it was an eye opening experience. The fold down couch in the office was not particularly comfortable. The dinosaur sheets (left from when the boys were young) were rough. My feet hung out over the edge. Our last visitor to useContinue reading “December 12 Day 279: On Being a Good Host”

November 15 Day 252: Anticipation

I went food shopping Saturday night at 9 pm in anticipation of Governor Inslee’s Sunday 11 am announcement (still to come this morning). Safeway had already removed most of the shopping carts in preparation of limiting store capacity to 25%. Paper product and pasta sections were looking mighty scant. I don’t think the pattern ofContinue reading “November 15 Day 252: Anticipation”

April 11 Day 34: A Duchenne Smile

Weekend Edition. This morning I made a foray to Trader Joe’s in my new Corona mask. They were letting about 30 people into the store at a time. I think more of us were waiting outside at socially respectable distances than were actually inside shopping. There we were, venturing out and craving human contact…but everyoneContinue reading “April 11 Day 34: A Duchenne Smile”

March 26 Day 18: Welcome to New Students Spring Quarter

It starts: “It’s Spring quarter. Flowers are blooming, rain is falling, and we are following Governor Inslee’s “Stay-at-Home” order. Unlike last quarter when we unexpectedly went to online classes in week 10, we are starting anew with the expectation that the entire quarter will be delivered virtually.”

March 23, Day 15: The Third Wave

Many of my mathematical friends are in the vanguard of the third wave, starting their transitions to online teaching today. For many, their institutions were on spring break when the pandemic broke. Then granted an extra week for preparations, they are now making things happen for their students. I felt a social-media sigh as worries about “what to do” transformed into realities that they really “could do” this work. Creativity, caring, and resilience. I see it everywhere.