March 30 Day 387: Stressed? You Are Not Alone

Today’s MAA Social Hour gave me (and the other participants) permission to take a break from the demands of pandemic life to purposefully relax and breathe. It was a refreshing session led by Dr. Hadas Moshonov-Cohavi. She has been leading stress awareness and mindfulness sessions with her students and we collaborated to offer a similarContinue reading “March 30 Day 387: Stressed? You Are Not Alone”

March 3 Day 360: Success!

Sometimes, things work out better than imagined. Now that the talk has been given, I am a Desmos Teacher convert. So much so, that I am wondering how to incorporate it into future talks (and classrooms activities) when we return to in-person interactions. The planned activities went smoothly. Each person individually selected an item thatContinue reading “March 3 Day 360: Success!”

March 1 Day 358: Jumping In With Abandon

Twice now, I have been in a webinar/online conference where a presenter used Desmos Teacher to engage the students online. It is similar to Poll Everywhere in that by sharing a link, the audience can follow the presentation and interact using multiple choice, text boxes, free form drawing, or integrated Desmos explorations. It’s really slick.Continue reading “March 1 Day 358: Jumping In With Abandon”

May 6 Day 59: Interaction Achievement Unlocked

Online remote teaching days that feel the most successful have lots of positive interaction between me and my students. Today was perhaps one of the best in a long while. My students are agile and moved with me as I switch between technologies. Here is today’s inventory: Google slide where students indicated standards they mostContinue reading “May 6 Day 59: Interaction Achievement Unlocked”