October 4 Day 940: Boosted Bivalently

I took advantage of the pop-up vaccination clinic on campus. It was quick and easy. The hardest part was waiting the 15 minutes to be released. Nine hours later, all I want to do is close my eyes and drift off to sleep. I guess those files aren’t going to get read and the homeworkContinue reading “October 4 Day 940: Boosted Bivalently”

April 22 Day 775: Ready for Take-off?

At the start of today’s virtual meeting and I was faced with the following screen. Umm… OK. But how long do I wait until I start to worry? I emailed the organizer and got a direct link pretty quickly. The session was good although sparsely attended. I chalked it up to the pains of anContinue reading “April 22 Day 775: Ready for Take-off?”

April 19 Day 772: Behind Blue Eyes

I have been able to function all day after having received my fourth COVID vaccination yesterday. I’ve been nursing a headache behind my left eye and have a mild fever. That seems par for the course. Inconvenience now for enhanced protection later. I have worked from the office all day. There is one more 45Continue reading “April 19 Day 772: Behind Blue Eyes”

November 13 Day 615: And Just like That…

… it was over. I was back to feeling like my regular self by morning. My arms don’t even feel that sore. (Flu shot in the left, COVID booster in the right.) Now it’s my husband’s turn to feel crappy. He got his booster yesterday and the after effects hit this morning. I’m trying toContinue reading “November 13 Day 615: And Just like That…”

November 12 Day 614: Take it Easy

Symptoms: A mild fever and a killer headache. Diagnosis: After effects of the COVID-19 booster. Outcome: Be kind to myself. Reduce virtual meetings to only those where action will be taken. Otherwise, keep very still with my eyes closed. It should be over tomorrow. Hope for the Tylenol to kick in. Maybe I can getContinue reading “November 12 Day 614: Take it Easy”