March 9 Day 731: Where Were You?

Are you aware that for me, this is the first day of the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic. Where were you two years ago today? I was teaching my first class of the pandemic. (March 9 Day 1: Where Were the Students?) It was a Monday and UW Chancellor Ana Mari Cauce called forContinue reading “March 9 Day 731: Where Were You?”

March 8 Day 365: Kanban

And so completes the first transit around the sun during the time of coronavirus. I never imaged a year later, we would be here—still remaining distant and not quite sure what the future holds. At the end of the day, it can be hard to see what actually gets accomplished. Being a visual person IContinue reading “March 8 Day 365: Kanban”

December 19 Day 286: By the Numbers

286: The number of days since the University of Washington system suspended face-to-face classes on all three campuses to address concerns around a novel and rapidly spreading coronavirus. 200: The number of posts I have made to Math in the Time of Corona at this time—essentially one per day for two quarters with a summerContinue reading “December 19 Day 286: By the Numbers”