November 18 Day 255: Not Exactly Hump Day

When teaching a Monday/Wednesday schedule, Wednesdays feel more like Fridays than a typical “Hump Day“. Teaching is over for the week; yet the work never stops. There remains endless report writing, agenda setting, meeting attending, meeting facilitation, class planning and of course, grading. So does that make Tuesday the new Wednesday? And Friday the newContinue reading “November 18 Day 255: Not Exactly Hump Day”

July 1, Day 115: Woah, We’re Halfway There

Even though I have been on a hiatus from the blog, I would be remiss not to notice that today we are halfway through 2020. I have spent the last two weeks on self-care: getting plenty of sleep, restarting an exercise routine, and even enjoying my first massage in over three months. It feels likeContinue reading “July 1, Day 115: Woah, We’re Halfway There”

April 22 Day 45: Hump Day in a Big Way

It’s Wednesday the traditional hump day of the week. By the title of this post, it is also the 45th day since I started emergency remote teaching. Now June 5, the last day of instruction for the University of Washington not including final exam week, is 45 days in the future. This moment marks theContinue reading “April 22 Day 45: Hump Day in a Big Way”