February 22 Day 1081: Math People

These people right here, they are my kind of people—math people. Not necessarily math majors but students choosing to spend their lunch hour participating in an Integral Bee. There was community, celebration, a few extra credit points, and yes…integrals. The Math Club at UW Tacoma organized it, advertised it, and made it a reality. MathContinue reading “February 22 Day 1081: Math People”

November 17 Day 619: Still There After All These Days

I took this picture today. What is it of? Back in March of 2020, before the emergency transition to remote teaching, the UW Tacoma Math Club planned for a coming Pi Day celebration. I 3D printed different colored Pi-s and several people hid them around campus. I have previously mentioned them in this blog: MarchContinue reading “November 17 Day 619: Still There After All These Days”