March 12 Day 734: Section Reflection

Congratulations to the MAA SE Section on their Centennial. It was an honor to celebrate this milestone at their Spring 2022 meeting hosted by Berry College.

The signage was impressive—from the huge welcome at the entrance to the wayfinding signs throughout, there was never a doubt where to go next.

This was their first in-person section meeting since the start of the pandemic. Despite the fact that the campus did not require masks, the Section did (and proof of vaccination or negative covid test). And there was flexibility in attendance mode. For those wanting to attend but not comfortable with or able to attend in person, there were remote options. Of the three plenary speakers, one was completely virtual and two (including me) were in person. Contributed paper sessions that I attended had both in-person and remote presenters. And it all worked quite well.

One of the classrooms was equipped with Swivl-it iPad stands to automatically track the speaker by means of a “homing token” that also served as a microphone. I always appreciate finding new solutions to creating hybrid environments whether in a classroom, conference, or boardroom. And I definitely want to find out more about this technology.

A motion tracking stand for iPad ready to Zoom.

I think my talks went well. I enjoyed everything I attended from the Happy Hundredth: Celebrating the Southeastern Section Centennial session to the Princess Bride inspired session You Keep Using That Word, from Marissa Loving’s MAA/AWM Section lecture Surfaces: BIG and Big and small to the finals of the Jeopardy! Competition.

Weather was beautiful the first day. Warm and sunny. Imagine my surprise to wake up to snow on my rental car the next morning. I had to improvise a window scraper using an old hotel room key.

This was my second truly hybrid math conference in a week. As we look forward to more in-person events, it strikes me that hybrid is here to stay. It is being executed well on college and university campuses. Now how can we translate these successes to bigger conference venues?

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