June 18-19: Days 832-833 Long Days Journey Through the Night

We started at 8 am pacific time on June 18 with our youngest driving Mark and me to the SEA airport and ended June 19 at 5 pm in Irish summer time with our arrival at the Hardiman Hotel on Eyre Square in Galway. The time here is 8 hours ahead of our home zone,Continue reading “June 18-19: Days 832-833 Long Days Journey Through the Night”

June 17 Day 831: Sadness Mixed with Fascination

I watched as the huge evergreens in my neighbor’s yard were removed by professionals. Sitting in my study, I was previously surrounded by greenery. Birds and squirrels frolicked in the branches. Now it feels too open. Too exposed. These trees provided us with shade and privacy for many years. I have to admit that itContinue reading “June 17 Day 831: Sadness Mixed with Fascination”

June 10 Day 824: Mathematical Celebration

Behold the amazing UW Tacoma students gathering to celebrate their achievements after an unexpectedly difficult academic year. Tacoma grit? They’ve shown it. I couldn’t be more proud to gather in community and celebrate their accomplishments. Today was the official last day of the spring quarter, marked by a celebration of UW Tacoma math students andContinue reading “June 10 Day 824: Mathematical Celebration”