March 3 Day 725: Tacoma Mourns

Tacoma lost an icon on Tuesday, my friend Sue. She was a no nonsense, foul-mouthed, beautiful human. A force of nature. A cheerleader for the underdog. Smart, driven, and a g*d d*mned delight. She was fearless and lived life so fully. We were grateful to be included on some of her food adventures—happily waiting forContinue reading “March 3 Day 725: Tacoma Mourns”

January 9 Day 307: My New Hero Dr. Chelsea Walton

The Joint Mathematics Meeting is just about over. I have a social engagement remaining but my calendar for presentations, panels, and meetings is done. There were some remarkable moments but if I got to award a “Most Valuable Mathematician #JMM2021“, it would have to go to Dr. Chelsea Walton. Dr. Walton gave two (not oneContinue reading “January 9 Day 307: My New Hero Dr. Chelsea Walton”

April 13 Day 36: Don’t Call it Online Teaching

I was struck by the words of a colleague today. He said “this isn’t online teaching, this is emergency teaching” and he is absolutely right. There was no plan, no training, no intentional curriculum development—there was only a global health crisis. We responded because we had no choice. Every day, faculty, students, and staff battleContinue reading “April 13 Day 36: Don’t Call it Online Teaching”