April 9 Day 32: Confession Edition

1) I like to wear my heated Narwhal slippers during class.2) I wear pants during Zoom meetings but often they are things I should have thrown out years ago–too short, too tight, too loose, or too many holes. Ditto for undergarments. What is worn under the desk, stays under the desk.3) We say we areContinue reading “April 9 Day 32: Confession Edition”

March 28 Day 20: Struggling to Focus

I am really struggling to focus on needed work. It’s the last Saturday of “Spring break” and  I am trying to get enough posted to my course management  system to publish the second course that I am teaching beginning Monday. Instead I want to talk with friends on the phone, zoom, nap, or watch “TigerContinue reading “March 28 Day 20: Struggling to Focus”