October 27 Day 233: Talking about Revolution

I panicked just a little when I realized that tomorrow in Calculus II class we will be starting volumes of solids of revolution and all my visual aids are in the office. What’s a mathematician to do?

Thankfully, mathgrrl (AKA Dr. Laura Taalman at James Madison University) has several 3D models available in Thingiverse that I am currently printing off in preparation.

  • Volumes of Hanoi A tower of Hanoi three peg stand with solids of revolution approximated by discs and shells.
  • Shell approximation of¬†the solid obtained by revolving the region between the graph of y=(x-1)(x-3)^2 and the x-axis on [1,3] (pictured in blue below) around the y-axis using eight and sixteen subdivisions. (Printed models are above and a visualization of the rotation is rendered in Desmos below).

The timing is going to be tight to get it all ready in time for class. I’m grateful that these already exist and I can just print rather than creating them myself. Thanks Laura!

Today’s post number 233 is a Fibonacci number. I did not post on day 144 because of the summer hiatus and day 89 coincided with the last day of classes in Spring quarter 2020. It will be quite a while before I hit another Fibonacci milestone. Hopefully Mathematics in the Time of Corona will no longer be needed by day 377.

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