October 5 Day 576: Inconceivable

I just finished a virtual meeting with a student who was asking questions about the written homework due tonight (at 11:59 pm).

He kept holding his work up to the laptop camera and I squinted to make out the writing. Hoping we could work differently, I asked, “What’s your favorite collaborative whiteboard?”


It was inconceivable to me that a STEM major could take remote classes for a year and a half and never been exposed to a collaborative whiteboard. No Jamboard. No Miro. No Limnu. No CoCreate. No Eraser. Nothing. Personally, I’ve tried them all. And they each have their purposes.

I realize I probably like technology more than most people. But collaborative whiteboards were a lifesaver for me during pandemic teaching. I cannot image how I could have taught my classes without them. So this begs the question, am I the anomaly or was he?

Published by Jenny Quinn

Mathematician. Mother. Wife. Leader. I am a professor of mathematics at the University of Washington Tacoma. Mother of Anson and Zachary. Wife to Mark. President of the Mathematical Association of America.

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