February 18 Day 347: Transcription Translation

On February 16 Day 345: Transcription Errors 2.0, I posted the following automatic Zoom transcription and asked if anyone could decode it:

Durham sandpoint suddenly G one g to be groups and suppose that you want his own workplace.

Do you energy to his homework, so if Jesus element of view and such as Jesus finite.

Then features G divides G

Zoom transcription (Punctuation and capitalization as provided by the transcription service)

The final phrase “G divides G” led to several guesses involving Lagrange’s Theorem. But they have yet to take “homework” into account. What if I were to tell you that homework translated to homomorphism?

Here is my transcription of the recording (the words in black italics were inserted and are not present on the recording. Sometimes students get nervous when speaking and that is OK.)

Theorem 7.7 Let G_1 and G_2 be groups and suppose that phi is a homomorphism from G_1 to G_2 is a homomorphism. If g is an element of G_1 such that (the order of ) g is finite, then (the order of ) phi of g divides (the order of) g.


Durham = Theorem

sandpoint suddenly = seven point seven Let

that you want his own workplace=that phi is a homomorphism ????

So are both own workplace and homework translations for homomorphism?

Jesus = g is

I’m still scratching my head over the transcription. Somethings still don’t quite fit. But I really don’t want anyone to lose more sleep over it.

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