January 27 Day 325: The Day After

I thought recovery would be a breeze. I slept most of yesterday with only slight cramping. Nothing remarkable. Not even a 2 on the pain scale. So I proceeded with a normal Wednesday’s worth of activity. After all, I’m just walking down the hallway and sitting at my desk. By three pm, I was exhaustedContinue reading “January 27 Day 325: The Day After”

January 26 Day 324: Women’s Health, Amirite?

Warning: This post contains TMI. Read at your own risk. I’ve been contemplating this post for a long time. But today two things happened that gave me strength to put it out there: A friend posted about her hot flashes pointing to the failure of healthcare to address our real experiences. I spent the morningContinue reading “January 26 Day 324: Women’s Health, Amirite?”